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Where do I find the most up to date information?

Our website has the most up to date information on what’s going on within SLYF Inc.  The current schedule, latest news, fundraising efforts, monthly meeting info, links to our league – OCYFL and other participating towns, directions to games and contact information can be found on our website or supplied link.

What are the age groups for Mighty Mites? Mites? Peewees? Midgets?

Mighty Mites 6-8 years of age (first and second grade)
Mites are 8 and 9 years of age (third and fourth grade-Up to 110lbs)
Peewees are 10 and 11 years of age (fifth and sixth grade-Up to 135lbs)
Midgets are 12, 13 and 14 years of age (seventh and eighth grade-Up to 170lbs)

How does the weight limit and weigh in procedure work?

Old Colony Youth Football sets the weight limits, not SLYF.  These weight limits are important for the safety of the players.  The league is extremely strict about enforcing them to ensure that teams remain safe for all players involved, exceptions are rarely granted.  SLYF will be fined for bringing any player that is too far over the weight limit to the Weigh Ins.  Therefore it is imperative that if your player’s weight is close to the limit you work with the coaches to figure out the best course of action.   Before each game the team has a weekly weigh-in (1 lb is added per week); pre-game weigh-ins are mandatory to be able to play in that week’s game.     

When does the football season begin?

Our season normally starts 30 days before our first game. This means that we generally begin somewhere around the first two weeks of August.  Please check the website for the most up to date information.

When are practices?

During the first three to four weeks of the season, we practice five nights a week. This is considered our pre-season practice period.  Practices run Monday through Friday starting at 5pm.  After Labor Day practices are usually reduced to three times a week.

Why so much practicing?

Football is a very aggressive sport; meaning the athletes need to be in excellent shape by the time games begin in September to avoid injury.  In addition, repetition and consistent drilling of proper technique is imperative for safety.  Failure to attend practices puts your athlete and those he/she plays with at risk for injury.

When are the games?

Games are played on the weekends: Varsity is on Sundays; Junior Varsity is on Saturdays.  Games generally run from 1 to 1.5 hours.  All three levels play consecutively on each day.  Day order is Mites followed by Midgets followed by Pee Wees.  Night order is Mites followed by Pee Wees followed by Midgets.  Mighty Mites run on a completely different schedule.  Coaches will require players to arrive one to two hours before each scheduled game for warm-ups, game planning and weigh-in.

Where do I find the game schedule cancellation notices or field locations?

Our website has the most up to date game schedule.  Occasionally, game times and locations will be changed due to EEE concerns, field issues or conflicts.  Although this is unusual it does happen.  Any cancellations will be posted on our website.

What if I need to miss practice or a game?

If you are unable to make a practice or a game you should contact your head coach prior to the start of practice or before the expected arrival time on game day.

What does the registration fee include?

The registration fee includes everything a player will need to participate in Silver Lake Youth Football except: mouth piece, plastic molded cleats, cup & girdle. We do supply a belt.  SLYF provides top of the line equipment with the guarantee that every child will play meeting league guidelines or better; approximately 50 practices, 8 games, 2-3 scrimmages with an option for 2 post-season games.

If my football player wants to quit what is the refund policy?

The official refund policy for SLYF Inc. is as follows:

SLYF Refund Policy

It is the policy of SLYF Inc to issue refunds under the following policy guidelines:

If a football player does not make the required weight for his/her football division and is denied on official weigh in day :  a full refund can be issued or the player can continue to work to make weight for the next official weigh in. If a player chooses to continue after the first official weigh in, no refund will be given after that.

* Please note the player must attend and practice with the team in attempts to make the weight limit for consideration.

If a child quits or is pulled for a medical reason:  that I will need to provide a doctor’s note providing information, a decision will be made by the board of directors at its next monthly meeting if a full refund is warranted.

I understand if my child quits football for any other reason NO refunds will be given.

What happens if my child is injured on the field?

SLYF does everything within its power to keep all the players safe.  However, it is a contact sport and sometimes injuries do happen.  The registration form does include a waiver that clearly explains that injuries are not the responsibility of SLYF.  It is suggested that someone be in attendance or on call should an emergency arise.

What about concussions?

SLYF, along with the entire OCYFL league, takes concussions very seriously.  All coaches and board members are required to be concussion trained each year.  Our policy is clear:  If in doubt the player will be removed from the game or practice.  If diagnosed or suspected of having a concussion the player must provide written documentation from a licensed health care professional before being allowed to return to practice or games.  Additionally, it is mandated by the league that all parents and players are to review the Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet found on our website and the leagues website.

Are parents allowed on the practice field?

Only players, coaches and board members are allowed on the field due to liability insurance reasons.  This includes practice fields.  Parents and other spectators may watch from the sidelines outside of the fenced in area.

What is a grievance?

The definition of grievance is “a complaint or resentment, as against an unjust or unfair act”.  A grievance is not a general complaint.  General complaints can and should be addressed directly with your child’s coach, then the SLYF board.  However, we do recognize that there are times when issues appear unworkable or unfair; needing to be addressed in a more formal venue.

What is the appropriate procedure for filing a grievance?

If an issue arises with another player or coach we ask that you first approach the head coach for that team.  If the issue remains unresolved you may put your concerns in writing to the president of SLYF.  Any grievance received is then forwarded to the Grievance Review Committee.  The Grievance Review Committee is made up of representatives from the board, coaching staff and parents for football.  The committee will review any grievance received and make recommendations to the board as to what action should be taken.

What are the procedures for weather and lightening?  “Red Flag Days”

If you need to leave your child at the practice fields you must have a designated adult available should an issue arise – such as a medical emergency or threatening weather.  In the event of thunder or lightening in the area players will be removed from the field immediately.  It is imperative that they have an adult and car to go to.  SLYF has adopted a strict weather policy included in your packet.  We ask that all individuals lead by example and remain in their cars until coaches can determine whether they will wait the 30 minutes or cancel practice.

Why is KYSO important to SLYF?

SLYF is part of KYSO.  KYSO is made up of four youth sports organizations that offer participation to children in Kingston as well as Plympton and Halifax.  KYSO oversees and manages our use of the Opachinski Complex.  Without it, we would not have the beautiful facility that we have today nor would we have practice or game fields, concession stand & gate profits or even bathrooms.  It is an extremely important part of why we are all successful as individual sports organizations.  It is in our best interest to support all that KYSO does.  For a more in depth look at how KYSO runs please see their website at

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