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Parent's Code of Conduct

Silver Lake Youth Football, Inc

Parent’s Code of Conduct

I hereby pledge to provide positive support, care and encouragement for my child participating in football by following this “Parent’s Code of Conduct”:

·        Ensure players timely arrival and pick up at all scheduled practices, games and scrimmages.  Including adherence to the SLYF Weather Policy.

·        Ensure players are properly equipped. 

·        Report player injuries to the head coach. If a player has been excused from a practice or game for any medical reason/injury submission of a doctor’s note is necessary for the player to return to future practices and games.  

·        Allow the coaches to do the coaching; playing time, position placement and game strategy is the sole responsibility of the coaching staff.

·        Demonstrate good sportsmanship at games and practices - cheer on and encourage. 

·        Show respect for all coaches, parents, opponents, and officials.

·        Support coaches and officials working with my child in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

·        Bring any parental issues, questions, or concerns to the Head Coach first, then one of the Coordinators and finally the Board of Directors in a timely manner.

·        Participate in SLYF by volunteering according to the guidelines set in the Parent Participation Agreement. 

·        Maintain and clean assigned equipment/uniforms during the season.  Return them in the same condition received.  Failure to do so will give SLYF the authority to    cash my equipment/uniform deposit check as well as legal and collection costs assessed to me.

·        Abstain from the possession and use of illegal substances and/or alcohol at practices, games and scrimmages.

·        Parents & siblings will stay off the fields during practice, games or scrimmages.

·        Coaches are not responsible for players after their scheduled game has ended and coaches have dismissed them.

***Social Media:  DO NOT post material that is negative, offensive, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, bullying, discriminatory, hateful, racist, or sexist about SLYF.   The program’s social media is not to be used for complaints or negative comments. If you have an issue or question, please contact in person, by telephone or by email the appropriate person prior to posting on social media***

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