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Parent Participation Agreement

SLYF is run entirely on a volunteer basis.  There are no paid positions within the organization so your help is needed to make our organization a success.  Each job - whether big or small is important and valued!

It takes approximately 40-50 people to cover all the jobs for just one home game day!  We usually schedule 6-8 home games a season and have a host of other jobs that are necessary in running the organization. 

To accomplish a successful season we require every family give a minimum donation of their time representative of how many children they have participating in the program.  The options are plentiful and varied.

There are positions you can choose to hold or you may volunteer to cover 3 game day duties during the season per player.

The following list is an example of where we need your help:
Example positions include:  Board members; Coaches; Team Parents & Weigh-In Representatives.
Example game day duties include:  Field set up & takedown; Merchandise table; Concession stand; Man the grill; Collect money at the gate or field needs for the day.

There are a limited number of volunteer duties that are not during the weekend.  Please be sure to seek out the volunteer table or Vice President to find a job and time that works for you.
Certain game day duties must be filled first.  Please keep this in mind if your assignment is different then what you originally requested.  I will work my hardest to accommodate requests.

Registration fees alone do not cover all the expenses of SLYF.  Registration fees are used to cover costs necessary to keep SLYF running.  For example, insurance premiums, referees & EMS for games, annual dues paid to the OCYFL, uniforms, user fees for field use as well as field and equipment expenses.  However, registrations alone cannot cover all of these expenses and there is no money in the budget to cover the costs we would incur without the help of volunteers.  You are a necessary part of this organization!

Everyone’s help is valued and very much needed however if you choose not to participate you will be charged $150 per child.  A deposit check of $150 per child will be required for your child to receive equipment.  That check will be returned to you un-cashed at the end of the season once you have fulfilled your volunteer duties as outlined in the directions given at sign ups.

As you can see it takes many hands to run SLYF.  Communication and accurate information is the key to success.  While we do want to make it as easy as possible to volunteer; please understand that games change based on weather, EEE concerns and scheduling conflicts.  There are times when we need to make changes.  I will try to coordinate with you however it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that you reschedule your volunteer time in order to receive your $150 refund. 

Volunteer sign ups are held in mid-August.  An email will be sent to the organization in advance with specific dates and times for sign ups.  You have the flexibility to choose when you want to volunteer and which jobs interest you.  The amount of volunteering requested is quite minimal considering the amount of work necessary to run the organization.  We are only asking for a minimum of three duties per child.  Many times you will be down the field anyway as your child warms up, during his or her game or afterward.  You may choose to volunteer before, during or after your child’s game or even on a different day entirely.  Anyone can fulfill your volunteer requirement providing they are over the age of 15.  Children are not permitted to volunteer with you for many of the jobs due to safety and security reasons so please plan accordingly.

Know that there is no limit to the amount of times you can volunteer so feel free to sign up again and again. 
Together we can have a great season.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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